Tips & Tricks

PUMPING is an art!

Do you have trouble pumping? Do you find it difficult?
This time is now over! We have the answer.

Here is the best way to use our machines!

In the picture on the left, you can see the best way to hold our Pump machines. Simply place your thumb between the reservoir and the pressure gauge. Use both arms to pump! Do not hesitate to pump till the end, you will be much more efficient and limit the number of strokes.
You are an expert now!

Water level, watch out !

You do not know when to stop pouring water?

It's not always that obvious! Our advice is to watch the water reservoir when you are filling your machine and stop below the small (removable) grid that you can see on the surface. It is important not to add more water because the 16 bars stored in the machine cannot push through more than 50ml of water.

When using ground coffee, just remove the grid (which serves as an indicator). Thus, you will have to stop pouring water at the level of the crossspiece supporting the ground coffee adapter.


How to put your coffee properly

You get somewhat muddled up, you do not know how to place your pod nor how to use the machine with ground coffee?Here are a few tricks!

If you choose pods, do fold the tab as shown to avoid problems when closing the portafilter.

If you choose ground coffee, take the adapter (included in the box of your machine) and remove the grid as shown in the picture on the left.

How to get a perfect crema

You do not know when to stop when you prepare your coffee?

It’s not always that easy to know when to stop when you prepare your espresso with the Pump machine ! Here is our secret!

Just follow the steps on the opposite page. Watch the coffee flow and when a light crema starts to appear, press the infusion button up! You will get a perfect crema! (So be ready to press with your finger to depressurize).