Handpresso Auto Capsule - Nespresso®* compatible

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The Handpresso Auto Capsule is a sophisticated, compact portable espresso machine. The Handpresso Auto Capsule allows you to drink your favourite espresso when you travel and from the comfort of your own vehicle. Capable of producing High Quality Espresso's from Capsules the Handpresso Auto Capsule gives you an instant coffee experience.  

Type of Coffee

Coffee Format

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Handpresso Auto Capsule - Nespresso Compatible

The Handpresso Auto Capsule is a device designed to give you a perfect espresso on the go, with an easy to use interface equipped with a digital screen and plugging your Handpresso Auto Capsule into the 12/24V socket in your car, you can prepare your espresso in 2 and a half minutes. Perfect for any coffee lover who works on the roads or enjoys the casual drive.

*The Handpresso Auto Capsule is Nespresso Capsule Compatible.

Innovative Portable Solution

Handpresso Auto Capsule presents the latest advances in portable espresso machines and takes a lead in the industry to provide phenomenal coffee experiences in your car, truck or camper. Whether you enjoy a casual Sunday drive or work on the roads the Handpresso Auto Capsule will be there to offer quality espresso coffee wherever you go.

Easy to Use Design

Designed to be a device that gives you the opportunity to have access to espresso coffee wherever you are, the Handpresso Auto Capsule showcases a digital screen with an easy to use interface, a compact cylindrical form keeps your coffee making clean and hassle free without taking up space. If you really enjoy quality tasting coffee and travelling the rural landscape the Handpresso Auto Capsule is the perfect portable coffee machine for you.

Type of Coffee
Espresso 50 ml

Coffee format

Espresso Capsules

Water Tank capacity

50 ml


19 bar


2 minutes




24.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm


880 g


2 years

Using the Handpresso Auto Capsule

The Handpresso Auto Capsule is incredibly simple to use, to begin plug the device into a 12V or 24V car “Cigarette Lighter” DC power supply.

Once done you can unscrew the lid to show the area to pour your 50ml of water into. There is no requirement to pre-measure this as the Handpresso Auto capsule automatically measures it for you and will signal with a green light that it is full.

Now all you need is to add a Nespresso Compatible pod into the Handpresso Auto Capsule and once done screw the lid back on to pierce the capsule.

Press the power button and the Handpresso Auto Capsule will get to work, it first pressurises and heats itself. A percentage will appear indicating how far off your espresso is from being complete. Once it is complete, it will read out ‘OK’. Turn the device upside down and press the ‘Brew’ Button, once that’s done press the stop button and your espresso will be complete.

In under 2.5 minutes you can have a ready made hot espresso beverage ready to experience in the comfort of your own vehicle.